2015 Exhibitions

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First, Opening of Liu Kuo-Sung exhibition in Moca@Loewen 16 of January 2015. 
Click to view the magnificent exhibition.

Coming to Moca@loewen 16 of January 2015. 
Liu Kuo-Sung in National Museum of History in Taiwan.

Click to read More about Liu Kuo-Sung and the exhibition (Chinese, English and Indonesia language version available)

Liu Kuo-Sung Tour Exhibition - Singapore - 16 of January to 1

March 2015


Liu Kuo-Sung was born in Anhui in 1932. In 1949, he immigrated to Taiwan. He began to learn ink and wash techniques at age fourteen before switching to Western painting at age twenty.

Liu promoted the modernization of ink paintings and injected new life into traditional Chinese paintings. Now, Liu is widely regarded throughout both the Chinese and Taiwanese ink art communities as the “Father of Modernized Ink”. Over the course of Liu’s artistic career of sixty years, he successfully founded many different painting techniques and styles.

His works can be found in the collections of more than fifty art galleries and museums around the world, including the British Museum and the Beijing Palace Museum.

Showing at MoCA@Loewen till 1st March 2015

Going to Naional Museum of Jakarta, Indonesia from 28 of March 2015



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