Xia Xiaowan Solo Exhibition: Transmutations Across The Space

Dates: 17 November through 9 December 2012

Exhibited for 4 weeks, Transmutations Across The Space saw an estimated of 15,280 people visiting the exhibition. In Transmutations Across The Space, the series divulges on the concept of "corporality", questioning the viewers' perception.
Transmutations Across The Space featured the haunting and perplexing three-dimensional installation of Combining, a 14 tier glass spatial painting of two bodies colliding into one. To capture the constant motion of bodily form, Xia inculcates Baroque's style of line repetition. Doing so, Xia's aliens or ghouls or in other words, ethereal subjects revolve around the dynamically elaborate and intensely dramatic movements that capture the chilling yet overwhelmingly bewildering essence of pure form. Xia's works rotate around experiencing the significance of motion and embracing the consciousness of form and structure on a whole other level. Xia's techniques rebel against, instead of conforming to the conditions of objectivity; adding elements of installation and sculptural art whilst displaying the cold, absurd and strange qualities of realism.

Xia divided his content into two major categories: one is entirely subjective, what he aims to express, what he wants to say, or create, what kind of information do he yearns to transmit, what kind of form that is created, the utilizing of light and shadow. The other kind being more conceptual, it is completed with help from the basis of this medium where it is purely digression, and not an accumulation upon a source. With techniques constantly being perfected, every slice has its own imprint.


"So mesmerising and haunting at the same time, genius!"  Michael, St Joseph Institution

"So much attention paid to detail it's beautiful!" Jeanette, France

"Mind blowing 3-D glass paintings."   Yusof Leher, Don't Panic e-magazine