Zhang Xin Quan Solo Exhibition: Past Scenes Gone Silently

Dates: 8 August to 8 September 2012

Zhang Xinquan uses his unique artistic language and challenging visual images to present industrial civilization. The solo exhibition elaborate and analyze the establishment and development of his individual combination of representation-alism, expressionism and abstraction art. His unrestrained, swift and pleasant brushwork touched the Bund, the Suzhou River and other surrounding architectures. His painting is always rhythmic and musical no matter he does it with watery coating or massive pileup. He is not confined to the historical scene itself, but turns from loyal recording to free expressing, more subjective way. The images of classic old Shanghai of the last 30s and 40s is abstract or even conceptualized, where we can see that he is randomly assembling and unscrambling the past with a personal historical view.