Sui Jian Guo Solo Exhibition: Imprisonment and Power

Dates: 14 January to 10 March 2012
Curator: Li Xianting

Exhibited for 10 weeks, Imprisonment and Power saw an estimated of 24,000 visitorships. If we study Sui Jian Guo's oeuvre, we will find that most of his works have a feeling of imprisonment, confrontation and conflict.  The exhibition showcased an impressive work by Sui Jian Guo titled 'Restrained Power'. Curated by Li Xianting, the exhibition focuses on a mammoth metal box. A metaphorical installation of imprisonment and struggle, it is the artist's expression of his inner feelings and implied meaning of living environment.

"The imprisonment series can be said to be an epitome of Sui's works in the past 25 years." Hi Art China, 2012 Issue
"The artwork was both impressive and intimidating but the peep-hole allowed for an interaction with the artwork. This made it less intimidating and more intriguing."
Hafiz, National Museum of Indonesia