Ye Yongqing Solo Exhibition


6 Aug to 6 September 2011

The forthcoming exhibition by Ye Yongqing is one, which MoCA Loewen is particularly proud to be hosting. As an artist, Ye Yongqing has created his own unique style of painting, which combines elements of traditional ink and brushwork with predominantly western aesthetics. Furthermore, as a curator and art event organizer, Ye’s efforts in promoting the Chinese art scene cannot be overestimated. It is not without cause that he is considered by many to be one of the most influential individuals in Chinese contemporary art today.

Ye Yongqing’s present body of work consists of symbols, motifs and images that are universally recognisable. Birds, trees, hearts, the letter ‘X’; simple yet evocative. Over the years, Ye have developed a style, which is both traditional and contemporary. The artist adopts Chinese sensibilities by paring down images to emphasize their bare essence, a trait often associated with traditional ink and brush works. Recreating the immediacy of his sketches, in large sweeping gestures Ye harnesses the simplicity of line to form multifaceted motifs. Replete with paradox, Ye’s paintings are both simple and complex, smooth and jagged, they are elegant yet rough, controlled yet whimsical, substantial yet skeletal.