Zhu Wei Solo Exhibition

MOCA@Loewen, 27A Loewen Road, Singapore 248839

27 January 2013 to 5 March 2013

*The museum will be open from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, 9 February and closed from Sunday, 10 February to Tuesday, 12 February for the Lunar New Year public holiday.

Renowned Beijing Contemporary artist, Zhu Wei is acclaimed for his subtly quizzical critique of social politics in rapidly evolving China. Principally trained in Chinese ink and colour on paper, this solo exhibition showcase various portrait and landscape works as well as sculptures the iconic China China series and recent works from 2005 to 2012; The Hills beyond a River series, The Ink and Wash Research Lecture series, The Study of People series and Vernal Equinox series.

Curator Britta Erickson once described Zhu Wei as 'extremely talented outside the artistic mainstream'. Highly influenced by paintings from the Yuan Dynasty, an era where neutrality or 'blandness' indicates the pinnacle of artistic achievement, Zhu Wei's works are stripped bare any hint of excess with little variation in ink tone, dramatic brushstrokes with calm minimalistic and repetitive compositions.

"朱伟的艺术创作不只停留在画面上,还有目睹当代艺术发展过程后,立足中国画对艺术现状的反思。Zhu Wei's artistic vision transcends the canvas, and is there to witness the process of the development of contemporary art, based on his reflection of Chinese painting." Wang Hong Zhou, Oriental Art. Master Magazine, December 2012